Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Handi Can Dumpster Rentals, Midland, MI’s premier dumpster rental service, where we answer all your frequently asked questions. Whether you’re in need of a residential or commercial dumpster for waste management, construction debris, or just a simple home cleanout, we’ve got you covered. Our FAQ page is designed to provide you with comprehensive information about dumpster sizes, rental periods, pricing, and our exceptional customer service. As the leading local provider in Midland for dumpster rentals, we pride ourselves on offering flexible scheduling and eco-friendly disposal solutions, ensuring that your project, big or small, is handled with the utmost efficiency and environmental responsibility.

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No. Certain things are prohibited, including auto batteries, hazardous waste or chemicals, tires, paint/lacquer, adhesives, liquids, significant volumes of food waste or regular kitchen garbage, electronics, and tires. Depending on the landfill, certain big items may also be prohibited.

The weight allowance is determined by the dumpster’s size. Overloaded dumpsters will be charged an additional fee, but we do provide swap-out services to reduce overloading and to better serve our customers.

Please keep in mind that overloading slows our driver down and may result in unsafe or illegal situations. In some cases, overflowing dumpsters must be emptied by the customer to the acceptable level if hauling is unsafe or unlawful.

While there are no hidden fees, we do charge more for services that need special attention. Overload fees, return fees (in circumstances when we arrive onsite and our driver is delayed in returning the dumpster), and the swap-out service fees are some examples. Most customers will simply see the weekly rental charge plus sales tax.

No. Please pay close attention to the maximum fill line on the dumpster. Overfilling is subject to the overload fees mentioned above. However, we do offer swap-out service to curb overfilling the dumpster.

No. We are the only company authorized to transport dumpsters, and customers are liable for any damage to Handi Can Dumpster Rentals’s dumpsters while they are on their property or jobsite.

Dumpsters must be put on solid ground (prior preparation is recommended), driveways, and other areas that are clear of obstructions as they are massive. When selecting a spot for your rental, please keep in mind septic fields, sprinkler systems, nearby buildings, utility lines, trees, and so forth. The customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits (if required by the local municipality—usually relates to a dumpster being dropped streetside). We are not liable for damage to surfaces, curbs, or customer carelessness while selecting a dumpster placement.

Yes. We start with the weekly rental rate. If you want a longer rental period, we charge $25 per day plus sales tax cost (subject to change). Reach out to us for proper contract setup for rentals longer than two (2) weeks.

The same weekly charge applies whether the rental is for one day, seven days, or anything in between. As long as we have the manpower available for an early pickup, we will do our best to satisfy the customer’s request.

We offer property or estate cleanout services and very small-scale delivery of dirt, sand, or gravel.

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